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Because He's One Of Us

Where I Live
I've lived in Nashville for 15 years, and middle Tennessee most my life. My family moved here from Hawaii when I was three. Off Pennington Bend in Donelson is where I call home, and the neighborly small town feel we have is dear to my heart. Nashville is going through a transformation, but I don't want us to lose that feeling.

What I Do
I've worked in Human Resources for nearly two decades. That means I have almost 20 years experience designing and developing strategies to solve problems. In my career, it's important to come up with solutions that are good for the business, yes, but are equally beneficial for employees; the people that make a company great. The same is true in public policy.

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Why I'm Running
Government should exist to protect its people, and to make life better for its citizens. I'm running because we've forgotten that. Politicians seem to be in it for themselves, and take their votes from lobbyists and special interests. Politicians should represent the people.

That's why I'm running, to give you a voice, because that's how it should be. I've talked to so many of you who have good and bold ideas to make peoples' lives better. But, those ideas aren't being heard because of the disconnect between politician and person.

We should be better than this. We should be bold in restoring the American spirit to politics. Let's stop playing politics, let's be boldly better together.

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I'm running so we can be boldly better together. We can't keep doing things the way we've always done them. We can't keep electing the same professional politicians over and over again.

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results. Let's stop the insanity.

Like our Facebook page, and comment what your boldly better ideas are, because you are what matters most.

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Our District is a hub of development right now. Where are the State dollars that should already be flowing to our neighborhoods for proper drainage and infrastructure? We know what the Great Flood did last time. Engineers claim parts of Donelson are worse off than before because even though tax dollars have gone to fund big corporations, none have gone to the taxpaying citizens to protect their properties. These big corporations have installed levees and drainage systems. This is wrong. If corporate structures and malls are protected from massive flood flows now, where will that water go? It has to go somewhere, and it will go higher in our homes than ever before. Our legislators have failed us. We need to act now.



TN is 39 out of 50 in education. That’s unacceptable. Common Core in TN wasn’t written by the Feds, it was developed by our very own State. We give our leaders an F in their version of common core. Once again, they’ve failed us. Don’t we want better for our children? Why are we being forced to accept failure from our leaders? It’s time to do boldly better in education so that our future generations are better than we are.

Woman & Doctor


TN forfeits over $1.4 billion (that’s $1,400,000,000,00) every year that could lower your healthcare costs... all due to professional politicians playing partisan politics. Let's expand Medicaid now, and give relief to Tennesseans everywhere. States that have done this, have seen exponentially affordable healthcare. Politicians should work to make your life better, not keep you down. That's why I'm running.

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Government should be small and efficient, simple and effective.

Big Government Republicans want to take away your liberty. They want to monitor you and control your freedoms. I've heard your boldly better ideas. You believe Tennesseans should have the power to choose their own healthcare decisions. From medical marijuana to complex and troubled pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother.

This is supposed to be the land of the free. Let's work to keep government small, out of your medical decisions, and protect your sacred freedoms.

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

That says it all, doesn’t it? White, Brown, Black, Female, Male, Young, Old, Gay, Straight, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all of mankind are created equal. Why do we need more laws to combat discrimination? Why can’t we all just agree that we are equal, deserve the same protections, and have the same rights? One philosophy, one law, one people. Just as our Declaration of Independence describes.

TN can do this right here and now, but the Big Government Republicans won’t do this. They want more laws, complex government, and to strip away at your personal rights.

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The Gender Pay Gap needs to be closed, and we can start by offering paid maternity/paternity leave. Tennessee is way behind on taking action here. This is a no brainer. Next, let’s stop undercutting employees in their job offers by hiring them based on their current salary in their previous job. It’s irrelevant. If I’m an employer, I should know what my job is worth and pay accordingly. Salary discrimination should be against the law. Employers shouldn’t swindle individuals when they know the job pays more.



We are the wealthiest nation the world has ever known.

1 in 7 Tennesseans are hungry. 1 in 5 kids in TN are hungry. We're in a time when our schools are closed for who knows how long. Some children get their only meals while at school.

Our legislators have hoarded almost a billion dollars that's supposed to go to these families, and yet, they keep the money for themselves. We have the funds already, but they don't use it, and people are starving. We can end this senseless hunger right here at home.

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The problem isn’t that people want to come and be Americans; that’s our strength! The problem is that the immigration system is broken. It can take decades for someone to come to this country legally. And yet we act surprised that parents will risk everything for the betterment of their children. I’m not a parent myself, but even I know that.
Politicians refuse to fix this problem because, let’s face it, politicians need perpetual problems so they can have something to bicker about for re-election. I am not a professional politician. Immigration reform needs to happen now. Let’s stop treating the symptoms and solve the source of our problems.

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Regardless of all the opinions on how Dreamers got here, it’s done; and America has made the investment into their lives. They are now educated by us. Their talents are in our workforce. They are taxpayers that give us revenue. To throw away our investment to foreign countries doesn’t help America. It hurts our great strength and gives other nations the advantage over us. This one is a no brainer. Let’s get dreamers naturalization status and solve this problem.

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Small Businesses and “Mom & Pops” are the life blood of our community. These are individuals and families living the American Dream, but they are burdened with unreasonable fees and taxes that limit such endeavors to only those who have more money at their disposal. In most cases it can costs tens of thousands of dollars in startup fees, taxes, and costs. Let’s restore the American Dream to any Tennessean who dares to pursue it. State & local governments can fix this, but they’ve failed. Instead they’ve given tens of millions of dollars away to major corporations. I’m committed to boldly better reforms that encourage local Tennesseans to pursue the American dream.

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Because you make the difference;

let's be boldly better together!

Just a reminder that donations to Elect Grant Medeiros are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. 

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Help The Cause

Elect Grant Medeiros is so appreciative that you would like to get involved. There are so many ways for you to help Elect Grant Medeiros push for change, and become part of making our community, and Tennessee, a better place. One that works for all of us.

Whether you would like to volunteer your time, get a T-Shirt (design pictured to the left), or want to contribute in another way, Elect Grant Medeiros really appreciates all of your efforts. Email Grant today:

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